Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Post

Here are some recent pictures of Mack and Kyle. Which twin is taller? (Mine's on the left)
In the next picture we were at my parents house and I decided to have some fun with Mack's hair. haha he looks like a little devil. He's over 16 months now! He's a pretty fast runner and can throw a football like you wouldn't believe. I think we have a star athlete on our hands.

Michael Buble Concert

Everyone knows that Michael Buble has the most incredible voice and is extremely talented but what a lot of people may not know is that he's kind of a jerk. I'm not even kidding. My sister-in-law Monique and I went to his concert in Tucson last week, and loved the show and the openers ("naturally seven" they were awesome! go to "wall of sound" on you tube) but as Mr. Buble was going along he used a lot of foul language in between songs and tries to come off as sort of a "bad boy".(gay) Overall I really liked the show but was disappointed that he wasn't the person that his music portrays him to be. We definitely didn't expect to hear bad language at this concert and it was kind of a let down.

My Bro Tyler is Home!

It is SOOO fun having Tyler home again! As you can see he put on a little chub in Columbus Ohio (haha) be he's still as handsome as ever!