Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best Friends

These guys (Kyle, Drew, Jeremy, JT, and Tyler) have been best friends since Jr High! Luckily all of us wives love each other too.

Poor Mack got Sick

Mack caught some virus and was sick for about 2 weeks. Then he had a really high fever of about 104 one night and the next morning we took him to urgent care and he had a bad ear infection. Poor Guy! So he had to take antibiotics (yuck) and luckily now he is all better, but it was scary there for a little bit. The picture speaks for itself, No fun!

Fiesta Bowl!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas in Colorado

This Christmas me, Kyle, and Mack drove to Colorado with my family. It was great because the whole Mack clan was there except for Gavin who just recently left on his mission to the Uruguay, Montevideo West mission (he's still in the MTC) and Tyler who is on his mission in Columbus, Ohio, and we got to talk to him on Christmas. We had a fun time with family and it snowed Christmas eve night, it was cool. (Santa Clause IS real)haha